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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Walking Mann all about?

At Walking Mann, we aim to provide you with a both a healthy and enjoyable experience. Walking Mann uses treks and trails using the Islands less frequented footpaths and greenways. Plus, with a range of varying routes and scenery we hope to cater for most levels of fitness and interests. However, all routes covered include a large portion of walking, interspersed with sites and views of natural beauty and historical significance.

Tour Questions

What should I wear?
Walkers are expected to wear suitable footwear for all trails, along with clothing to suit the weather conditions. Walkers are reminded that weather conditions can change quickly so light waterproof or warmer clothing may be required in some circumstances.
When do the walks take place?
Depending on the number of collection points, each walk should start around 11am.
How long does each walk take?
This depends on the route taken as most trails vary in distance and terrain. However, most walks should take between 2.5hrs- 4hrs. Plus traveling time.
What is the terrain like?
All tours take place on public footpaths, greenways and minor roads so general ground conditions will be good. However certain areas may be boggy or muddy following heavy rain or during the winter months. The walks are graded depending upon the severity and all walks include an element of hills and inclines.
Can I bring my dog along?

Yes, provided we are informed prior to the departure date. This is so we can ensure enough space is available in the minibus.

However dogs are not permitted on certain parts of the walk i.e. within Church yards and Manx National Heritage sites. Therefore it’s always best to check beforehand.

Are children under 18 permitted?
Yes, provided they are joined with a responsible adult. Parents are reminded that children should be able to cover the distances and terrain required and should come with the appropriate clothing.

Booking A Tour

How many people can I book on a tour? Can I make Multiple Bookings?

Each tour has a maximum number of 8 passengers. Currently, our online booking calendar only allows each user to make one (single person) booking at a time. We are working hard to support multiple bookings online to make this process much more efficient and easy for all parties. We apologise for this inconvenience. To make multiple bookings contact Ian directly on 07624 401589 or email contact@walkingmann.im


Is there a maximum number for all tours?
A maximum number of 8 passengers can be accommodated for on each tour. Should you have a requirement for a larger group, please contact Ian on 01624 401589 to discuss in further detail
How can I book a tour?
The easiest way to book a tour is to go to our website calendar and search for the available dates and tours. Alternatively contact can be made through our Facebook page, email or contact Ian directly on 01624 401589
What if I want to cancel my booking?
Notification must be given at least 24 hours prior to the trip in order to receive a full refund. If you are unable to make a walk due to third party travel arrangements, then proof would be required before a full refund is arranged. Cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice will not be refunded.
How will I be notified if a tour is cancelled?
If a tour must be cancelled due to poor weather a phone call or text message will be sent prior to the collection time, so that alternative arrangements can be made.
Will I be refunded if a tour is cancelled?
Yes, if a tour is cancelled a full refund will be provided or an alternative tour can be arranged at a convenient time.
Can I get a refund if I cancel my tour booking?
Yes, provided 24 hours’ notice is given.
How will I know if I have made a successful booking?
Once a booking has been made, a confirmation email will be received.


What if I am late for the tour?
At walking walk we expect our customers to be punctual. Therefore, if you feel that you might be running late, we recommend that you contact Ian on 01624 401589 prior to the collection time.
How do I get to the tour location?
Prior to the tour, a predetermined collection point and time will be arranged. Drop-off points following the walk will be at convenient place for the customer and at a safe stopping area for the driver.
What time will I get collected?
Collection times will vary depending on the collection point but will usually be between 10am-11am.


Do you stop for any breaks?
Breaks will be taken throughout the walk including a longer break for lunch or snacks if you require.
Are there any toilet facilities?
Welfare facilities will be available before and after each walk. However, no toilets can be found along the routes.


Will it be cancelled due to bad weather?
Walks will only be cancelled in adverse weather. However, at Walking Mann our aim is for you to enjoy the scenery and views, so in conditions of low cloud or heavy rain a decision will be made prior to departing.


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