Walking Mann provides guided treks and trials using the Islands less frequented walkways.

At Walking Mann, we aim to provide you with a both a healthy and enjoyable experience. Walking Mann uses treks and trails using the Islands less frequented footpaths and greenways. Plus, with a range of varying routes and scenery we hope to cater for most levels of fitness and interests. However, all routes covered include a large portion of walking, interspersed with sites and views of natural beauty and historical significance.

our walks

Short Trails

The Walking Mann short trails are an ideal way for the novice walker to discover more of the Isle of Man whilst embracing the great outdoors and staying fit at the same time.

Summit Walks

These walks take place over the beautiful hills and fells of the Island and give you a unique vantage point in which to view the Isle of Man in all its natural beauty.

Bespoke Trips

Should you have any bespoke travel or interest requirements, then Walking Mann can find an itinerary to suit your needs.

Special walks

These walks range from visiting a shipwreck on the shores of Jurby to a wild Wallaby walk around the Curraghs of Ballaugh.


Early colonisation of the Isle of Man dates to the Mesolithic era (6500BC), where early hunter gatherers first settled. Plus, fine examples of the Neolithic period in the form of megalithic monuments can still be seen throughout the Island.
The arrival of the iron age marked the appearance of Celtic influences such as forts on hill summits or promontory forts along the coastal headlands.
Around AD800 the first Vikings arrived on the Manx shores and their influences can still be witnessed today. And with the arrival of Christianity in the form of around 200 tiny early chapels
(keeils) being built, the Isle of Man is steeped in wonderfully preserved historical sites.
The Isle of Man also has a wealth of modern historical sites including fine examples of zinc and lead mines, old Manx farm buildings (known as Tholtans) along with heritage railway lines which were, and still are used by steam locomotives to date.

Recent Walks

Check out a collection of pictures and videos from our recent walks.

Thanks Ian, for a wonderful day on the Isle of Mann!

Mr & Mrs Morse

Florida, USA

What a treat!

Hannah Sansbury

Isle of Man Residents

Well worth a hike!!

Steve Farrer

Isle of Man Resident

The tour took us to some spots that most tourists don’t see

Jim Burgess

Wichita, USA

I can’t wait to book another walk next time we’re over